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Doctoral Mentoring Programme

Call for Expressions of Interest (Second Circular)

The Programme welcomes the participation of dedicated PhD students: Expressions of Interest due 20 May 2022

⇒ We are excited to have the Programme with 10 doctoral mentees selected. We set up various activities onsite and keep you updated!

Desperate to meet international scholars, whose papers are on your list? Tired of endless online meetings? Eager to gain feedback on the research you do for your PhD face-to-face?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are ready to embrace the COSIT 2022 experience! The 15th edition of the prestigious Conference on Spatial Information Theory Series is now calling for Expressions of Interest for the Doctoral Mentoring Programme!

Remember, submissions for Expressions of Interest are due on 20 May 2022.

What you will get:

• A one hour one-on-one session with a mentor being an expert in your field of research

• Feedback to specific aspects of your research, your general approach or even to a paper accepted for publication at COSIT

• Doctoral lightning talk sessions scheduled throughout the conference, specifically addressing hot and classic research topics for PhDs or other important aspects of PhD life (career planning, grant proposals, etc.)

A list of mentors and lightning talks will be updated on the conference website soon.

What you need to submit:

Start writing your max. 7-page Expression of Interest now and make sure to include a bio sketch, a short overview of your PhD topic, and the required information for your chosen pillar (the Feedback, Mentoring, or Insight pillar). Don’t know what that means? Check out the first circular below and get on your writing today!

Still not sure about what you need?

Your Doctoral Mentoring Programme Chair, Markus Kattenbeck, is more than happy to help. Just drop him a line at markus.kattenbeck@geo.tuwien.ac.at

The COSIT 2022 Co-Chairs are looking very much forward to meet you in person in Kobe.

Programme Details (First Circular)

Dive into the new COSIT experience with your PhD research!

The novel doctoral mentoring programme of COSIT 2022 encompasses three different pillars for engaging with the COSIT Community in Kobe:

1) FEEDBACK: Pick one out of three different formats to present your doctoral research!
2) MENTORING: Meet one-on-one with experienced international scholars!
3) INSIGHT: Enjoy PhD-relevant lightning talks on various topics on every day of the COSIT 2022 conference.


The COSIT community especially welcomes and supports the active participation of doctoral students. COSIT 2022 will offer new formats of engagement during the conference week, especially targeted to junior scholars. Based on your research experience, you can choose how you wish to contribute:

A) SPECIFIC RESEARCH FEEDBACK: Submit a proposal on how you are going to tackle a particular research problem/question or how you plan to use a specific method, etc;
B) OVERALL RESEARCH FEEDBACK: Submit a summary of your proposed PhD research;
C) PEER-REVIEWED RESEARCH FEEDBACK: Submit your research for peer-review (full or short paper tracks).


Based on your expertise and focus of research, the doctoral mentoring chair will match you with an experienced scholar who will provide feedback and discuss selected research issues in private with you. The specific focus will also depend on your expression of interest (see below). Introduced at COSIT 2019, these personal conversations have proven to be very valuable to junior scholars at all stages of their PhD.


As COSIT Co-Chairs, we will organize lightning talks on different topics. These will be open exclusively to you as doctoral students!

These talks will be appealing to newcomers as well as those just about to finish their PhD.

While the final list of speakers and the specific topics also depend on the background of those who are accepted in the doctoral mentoring programme, you can expect lightning talks to be centred around the following themes:

* Career Planning
* Research Methods
* Emerging/Hot Research Topics
* Effective and Efficient Teaching

Stay tuned, more information on the lightning talks will be added here in due course!


In order to apply for the doctoral mentoring programme, you are asked to submit an expression of interest that can be up to 7 pages (max.). Please use the LaTeX template provided for the conference.

The expression of interest (EOI) must include:

1) A brief biographical sketch, including contact data and information about the current state of your PhD.
2) A one-page overview of your PhD research.
3) Your chosen type of contribution to the FEEDBACK Pillar: A, B, or C.
For option:
A: Provide a detailed account of a research problem/issue, method, etc. and the specifics of what you wish to get feedback on;
B: Provide a proposal/plan of your PhD research which is detailed enough in order to enable specific feedback on it;
C: Provide the submitted abstract of your accepted peer-reviewed paper and describe how this paper fits into your overall PhD research goal.

All submitted EOIs will be ranked, but not formally reviewed. Accepted EOIs will be distributed among the mentees and their COSIT 2022 mentors as a booklet. They will not be part of the peer-reviewed proceedings.

Please send your expression of interest to the Doctoral Mentoring Chair, Markus Kattenbeck (markus.kattenbeck@geo.tuwien.ac.at) no later than May 20th, 2022. Markus is also your contact for all questions you have regarding the doctoral mentoring programme.